microsoft-surface-pro-3__26No one likes buying products that are buggy simply because it ruins the experience. For the most part, companies hate releasing buggy products too since it usually results in a lot of criticism and backlash for them. Now the good news is that Microsoft has been hard at work on creating an update for the Surface Pro 3 which they have since released.

So if you were thinking about getting your hands on the Surface Pro 3 and read some negative reviews prior to the update, it seems that some of your fears can be allayed thanks to Microsoft issuing the tablet’s first firmware update. According to Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft has confirmed to her that the update includes a power management fix, which was one of the issues spotted by early reviewers.

The update will also includes an update for the Surface Pro Pen that will allow the stylus to double click in order to capture and save screenshots using the accessory, although you would need the OneNote Modern app for Windows 8.1 to take advantage of that feature, at least according to Paul Thurrott.

Last we heard, Microsoft also has other plans to improve the Surface Pro 3. They recently spoke to Penny Arcade artist, Gabe, who provided some valuable insight about the stylus and some changes Microsoft could make to the tablet, such as disabling the Windows button to prevent accidental activation. It is unclear when Microsoft will issue that update, but from what we understand they’ve already begun working on something.

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