iwatchIf the rumors are right, Apple’s iWatch could be seeing a release later this year in October. That being said, would you be interested in purchasing one? Well Piper Jaffray attempted to find out just how many people would be interested in purchasing an iWatch and conducted a survey. The survey polled 100 individuals with an average age of 32 and a household income of $130,000.

The survey wasn’t solely about the iWatch, but about watches and wearable tech in general. Now according to their findings, they found that 14% of consumers would be willing to purchase an iWatch if it were priced at $350. The remaining 86% said that they did want to buy one, but about half of them said that if the watch were priced below $200, they might be interested. 41% of those said that they would not be interested in an iWatch, regardless of its price.

This is an interesting poll because as it stands, we have no idea how much Apple could be pricing the device. There were some rumors that suggested that Apple could create a more premium version of the iWatch which could cost thousands of dollars. There have also been talks about Apple creating a Sports and Designer versions of the watch, with Designer version sporting more premium materials, while the Sports version might feature a rubber strap.

In any case what do you guys think of the survey? How much would you be willing to spend on an iWatch? Is $350 a bit too dear for your liking?

[Image credit – Martin Hajek]

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