Temple Run Series Achieve 1 Billion Downloads

imangi-10bLife is always worth celebrating in terms of milestones and achievements, and the same can be said for the Temple Run series that have seen millions of gamers cover plenty of virtual miles in a bid to escape a pack of crazy simian-like creatures as one makes off the treasure and loot from a tropical setting. In fact, the Temple Run series is proud to have achieved the one billion download mark, making it the second mobile game franchise to date that has arrived at this particular milestone.

The combination of Temple Run and its successful sequel, Temple Run 2, since 2011, has gone on to show how far Imangi Studios have come, from a simple husband-and-wife team who worked from their apartment to being the thriving company that it is today. Here is some trivia concerning the Temple Run series – with more than 32 billion games played, players have spent more than 216,018 years collectively in the game, having run a grand total of 50 trillion meters. Phew! That, my friends, is a whole lot of running for sure, and it does not look as though the fun is about to stop anytime soon. Do you think that there will be a Temple Run 3 in the future, apart from the rumored movie?

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