funiki glassesIf you’d like your pair of glasses to be “smarter”, but not necessarily be as smart as Google Glass, perhaps could be of interest to you. The device was spotted by the folks at Engadget at CNET’s Japan Live 2014 event, and basically what it does is that it comes with several LEDs embedded in the frame that will blink upon receiving of a notification.

As you can see in the image above, the LEDs are embedded into the frame itself, which means that it should be possible to create a pair of prescription lenses for the frame. The LEDs can be set to go from notifications such as phone calls and messages, but can also be attuned to third-party applications as well, so if you have other messaging apps that you use, you can have them notify you via the blinking links on your glasses.

This might be a good way to receive notifications especially if you’re out in a crowded area and you can’t hear your phone ring or feel its vibration. In fact given its wireless connectivity, you could be in another room when the LEDs go off, letting you know you have a notification. The LEDs can also be set to pulsate at different speeds with a disco mode, party mode, and a relax mode.

The frames will also come with built-in speakers by the side and will also feature a micro USB port used for charging. It’s a pretty clean and simple idea and according to the company, the Fun-iki glasses will be going up for sale later this year where it will be priced around $147.

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