hotblackDo you love your football (or soccer as it is referred to in America)? If you do, chances are you are probably glued to your phone or computer, constantly checking on football scores during work hours or during school when you might not get a chance to watch it live. Now instead of constantly taking your phone out of your pocket or checking your computer, watch designer Hoptroff has come up with a watch called the HotBlack.

The HotBlack is a smartwatch, although it does not really look like one. On the surface, the HotBlack appears to be your standard analog watch and comes with smaller faces built into the watch itself. Usually these additional faces are used to tell the time of another time zone, the date, your alarm, and so on. However Hoptroff decided that these additional faces can be used to tell football scores instead.

The small face on the top will show you the score of your team, while the face below will show the score of the opposing team. The face at the bottom will show just how much time has elapsed in the game. The watch will also come with buttons which can be used to show the time of the next game, or used to replay the action of the last match.

The watch will be able to pull information via the company’s Sports Data Server while it is paired to your iOS or Android smartphone. As for the watch itself, it is made with stainless steel and will feature Swiss movement. It sports a sapphire glass cover which should help protect it against scratches, and will feature water resistance up to 50 meters. If you’d like to learn more about the Hoptroff and pledge to its Kickstarter project, be sure to head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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