The Last of Us was certainly one of the popular games released back in 2013. Initially it wasn’t confirmed if the title would make its way to the PlayStation 4, until the PlayStation Eurasian Software Market Manager let it slip on a gaming show that a remastered The Last Of Us will indeed be released for the PS4. Sony itself later confirmed that the title will be released for its new console later this year. Recently The Last Of Us Remastered PS4 price was slashed. Fortunately the company isn’t going to hang those, who had pre-ordered it on the initial price, out to dry.

At E3 2014 Sony formally confirmed the PS4 release date for this title. It will be available for the console on July 29th, 2014. The game can be pre-ordered on the PlayStation Store. Initially it was priced $59.99 though recently the price received a $10 cut, bringing it down to $49.99.

Adam Boyes, Sony’s Vice President of Publisher & Developer Relations, revealed on Twitter that those customers who had pre-ordered the game on its initial price will receive a $10 refund. Boyes says that those customers should expect the refund to be credited in their PSN account within the next 5-7 days.

Since the title doesn’t have the preload feature, even if you pre-order right now you will have to wait until July 29th to be able to download it on your PlayStation 4. If it had the preload feature, you would have been able to download the game before release and then wait for it to be unlocked come release day.

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