theatrhythm_final_fantasy_curtain_callRhythm games are an acquired taste to say the least, but what happens when you marry it to a game franchise that is well known for its RPG elements? You end up with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, of course, where it is touted to arrive later this coming September 16th, where the game itself will boast of 221 songs for you to master which ought to take a fair amount of time for that to happen. Not only that, a Square Enix Online Store exclusive bundle has also been revealed.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call will be the sequel to the 2012 3DS and iOS rhythm action game that will feature cute representations of characters that hail from the range of Final Fantasy titles, whether they happen to be new or classic. Folks living in Europe will have to wait for a little while longer (September 19th to be exact), where Square Enix is working on preparing a couple of special edition packages for those who want to tune in to some classic Final Fantasy tunes. As long as there are adequate supplies, existing and upcoming preorders for Curtain Call will be able to enjoy a free upgrade to the Limited Edition bundle that will feature not only the game itself, but a music CD as well alongside a selection of five remixed tracks.

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