titanfallTitanfall is a title exclusive to the PC, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. So far the game has been met with positive reviews and has managed to capture a lot of the spotlight. However if you’re still wondering if the game is for you and you’d rather not drop $60 on a game that you have yet to try for yourself, you’re in luck because this weekend, Titanfall will be free to play for 48 hours.

This has been announced by EA via their Origin blog where the company announced a new program called Game Time. According to EA, this is a brand new program that basically allows gamers to play a game for free for a period of time. Well, how’s this different from shareware or a demo, you ask?

Well Game Time is not a demo, but the actual game itself. What this means is that if you’re a hardcore gamer, you could complete the entire game if you wanted to within the allocated time, and experience everything the game has to offer, which is sometimes limited by demos. Titanfall will be the first game part of EA’s Game Time program and according to them, there will be more games to come.

However it should be noted that different games have different Game Time clocks. The clock is basically how long you have to play the game, so in the case of Titanfall, the clock will be good for 48 hours. Other games will probably be different. In any case if you’re looking forward to trying out the full version of Titanfall, you can look forward to it in the Origin store’s Free Games page.

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