When it comes to LEGO, you know for sure that this Danish invention is one that keeps on giving. The kids (teens and adults as well) definitely love the idea of a toy that can reinvent itself, not to mention the amount of precision required that goes into making one of these puppies is monumental to say the least. After all, who does not want to enjoy putting pieces of blocks together to flesh out an imaginary device or scenario? Nick Jensen, also known as Nick Brick by his YouTube handle, is a huge fan of Titanfall and he shows it via his equal love for LEGO. Merging interests in both ‘departments’, Nick has come up with the LEGO version of the Kraber-AP Rifle.

Titanfall gamers as well as enthusiasts will be able to recognize the Kraber-AP Rifle at first glance, with this being a bolt-action, one-shot, one-kill sniper rifle that pilots tote around. Of course, what is the whole point of having a video if there were not going to be any kind of special effects to go along with it? Nick has decided to throw in some special effects into the demonstration in the video itself, so you might want to be a wee bit more careful with the volume control on the video.

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