When it comes to being sentimental, us humans can easily get entangled and enamored with the past, so much so that existing technology which allows us to “revisit” a time long gone is always more than welcome. Having said that, developer Nick Pittom, whose previous effort include rolling out a VR (Virtual Reality) recreation of the boiler room scene from Spirited Away for the Oculus Rift, has now shared with the rest of the world yet another iconic Studio Ghibli scene, which would be the bus stop from My Neighbor Totoro, where wearing a pair of Oculus Rift would complete the entire experience.

Now, we have seen how Oculus Rift worked in the past before, not to mention allowing one to be placed in some rather zany situations, but this particular recreation of the Totoro bus stop scene will certainly whet the appetite of fans of the anime, and it might prove to be a strong tipping point if you have been wondering whether to pick an Oculus Rift or not when it becomes mainstream. This particular file can be downloaded at Road to VR, where it will not only allow you to bump into Totoro, but also to catch a glimpse within the Catbus itself as you explore its surroundings.

What are some of the more impressive Oculus Rift implementations that you have seen or read about in the past which you simply cannot get out of your mind?

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