assassins-creed-unityA couple of weeks ago, we reported that Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs would perform better on computers with NVIDIA’s GPUs installed. If you were hoping that this is limited to just Watch Dogs, you might be pleased/disappointed to learn that it will extend to future Ubisoft games as well. Both NVIDIA and Ubisoft have recently confirmed that four upcoming titles from Ubisoft will perform better with NVIDIA’s cards.

These games includes Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, The Crew, and The Division. For those wondering what this means, it’s basically where Ubisoft (or other developers for that matter) will work together with NVIDIA’s GameWorks Team to help maximize the potential of the game, as long as it is powered by NVIDIA’s range of GPUs. This also means that if you’re using an AMD GPU, well you’d be out of luck.

This isn’t to say that you can’t run the game, it’s just that if you had an NVIDIA GPU, you might be able to squeeze out extra performance. According to our previous report, tests had been conducted to see the difference between GPUs, and surprisingly the results were quite telling. It seems that with a GameWorks optimized game, a lower-end NVIDIA GPU will be able to hold its own compared to a higher-end AMD GPU.

Even in instances when the AMD GPU beat out the NVIDIA GPU, it was by a margin ranging between 1-4fps. Like we said, AMD GPUs will work just fine, but for gamers who don’t have the money to shell out for high-end GPUs, know that even your low-mid range NVIDIA GPU should be able to perform nicely with the titles mentioned above.

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