vxk capsuleSound is something that is subjective. Some listeners prefer more emphasis on the bass, while others prefer to stress on the clarity of the sound. Some don’t seem to bother and are perfectly happy using default speakers, as long as they are able to hear sounds coming from it. Now if you fancy yourself an audiophile, or someone who’s just trying to get the best audio possible, Voxtok has a Kickstarter project you might be interested in.

Voxtok is a company that develops what they’re calling next-generation Hi-Fi systems. The Kickstarter project in question is for a device known as the VXK Capsule. Basically what it does is that it combines an audiophile grade music player that will support a range of lossless audio file formats, a home music server that will let you stream songs to anywhere in your home, local storage with the potential to add more hard drives via its SATA slots, and even a CD ripper when you connect an external CD reader via USB.

Basically you will be able to store your songs onto the VXK Capsule, after which you can use it to stream music to your other devices like your home computer, tablets, mobile phones, or even your smart TV. There will also be an accompanying app that lets you use control the player remotely. Voxtok will also offer cloud storage services which will serve backup your music collection, and at the same time allow you to stream your music via the cloud even when you’re outside.

Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Well to top things off, Voxtok has even thought about the DIY audiophile. This option is basically a software package based on a regular Raspberry Pi board and a Wolfson Pi Audio Card, so if you’re the more technical sort and would like to design your way around it, you can choose to do so. The folks at Voxtok are currently seeking $150,000 in funding so if you’d like to learn more or pledge your support, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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