wireless-charging-trousersWireless charging technology has yet to become mainstream, but it sure is on its way there. Those of us who have smartphones will know how we recharge our handsets each night before we retire to bed, knowing that nothing less than a full charge the next day will do with all the Facebook updates, Twitter messages and phone calls that we will receive tomorrow. If only there was a more convenient way of charging your smartphone while you are on the move without being bogged down by the issue of cables. British designer “A. Sauvage” might have just the solution, as he has thought up of the first ever wireless charging trousers that will let users juice up their smartphones simply by putting it in a pocket.

This new technology will take advantage of inductive charging, courtesy of the Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate that is meant for Lumia devices. In a nutshell, this pair of trousers is ideal for those who would want to look stylish while they are a geek at heart deep down inside.

Adam Johnson, Marketing Director for Microsoft Mobile (UK and Ireland), shared, “We have a proud history of working within fashion, having previously collaborated with Bruce Weber and David Bailey, as well as recent partnerships at New York and London Fashion Week. Continuing this theme, we are excited to work alongside a talented designer such as A. Sauvage. As well as having the vision to co-create these amazing wireless charging trousers, his style complements the cutting-edge design of the new Lumia 930 smartphone perfectly.”

Those who are interested in this unique pair of trousers can pick it up from Amazon when is up for pre-order, although pricing details have yet to be revealed. I wonder how things would go if you were to wash this pair of trousers. [Press Release]

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