doubleagent wowUsually players in MMORPGs would prefer to level as fast as possible simply because the end-game content is a lot more fun than the actual leveling process. In fact many gamers have tried to break records by leveling in as little time as possible. That being said, it looks like one play in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is doing the exact opposite.

The player goes by the handle Doubleagent, and instead of leveling as fast as possible, he has instead chosen to level only in his starting zone. Doubleagent plays as a Pandaren character who starts on The Wandering Isle as a neutral faction character. He has pretty much run through every single quest that the zone has to offer, and to continue leveling he has run around the entire map mining for materials and gathering herbs in order to gain XP.

After what can only be an extremely slow 170 days of game time (he took two years in real life), he managed to hit level 90 which is the current level cap in the game. We should point out that starting zones in World of Warcraft are usually only good until level 10-15, so imagine leveling to 90 in that zone – Doubleagent must be a very, very patient gamer!

Doubleagent also plans on remaining on The Wandering Isle when the Warlords of Draenor expansion is released, which raises the cap to level 100. Phew! What do you guys think? Would you have the same amount of patience that Doubleagent has?

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