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Much was said and written last year when Microsoft revealed that it would sell the Xbox One with Kinect for $499.99. It was a full $100 over Sony’s PS4. Some though that the rival console would steer away sales due to its lower price and that has been seen to some extent. PS4 sales have leapfrogged ahead of Xbox One, causing Microsoft to offer an Xbox One without Kinect for $399.99. But it appears that this price cut may not appeal to all gamers.

A survey was recently conducted by Dealnews. It asked more than 1,000 gamers if they would be willing to purchase the Xbox One now that its being offered for $100 less than before. A staggering majority, 79 percent to be precise, said that they aren’t interested in the console despite the price cut. Only the remaining 21 percent said they’d be more likely to pick one up now.

Microsoft may have initially thought that customers would see the added value that Kinect brings so it decided to sell the console at a higher price as compared to its direct competitor. Following the price cut analysts speculation that this could bring a surge for Xbox One sales. But evidently there’s a subset that’s still not interested in the console even when its being offered at a lower price.

Granted that a little over 1,000 gamers don’t necessarily reflect the sentiments of Xbox One’s entire fan base, but its certainly possible that this sentiment exists in potential console buyers around the world who opt for the PS4 instead of Microsoft’s console.

What about you though? Are you now interested in picking up an Xbox One after the price cut or would you rather have the PS4 instead?

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