yellow nexus5The Nexus 5 might have been around for more than half a year now, and it does seem to hold up pretty well to the rest of the other high end devices out there. We do know that the Android L preview system image for the Nexus 5 as well as the larger sized Nexus 7 has been released, so if you have been won over by what Google showed off at Google I/O a couple of days ago, then maybe those who are waiting for a new handset might want to consider picking up the Nexus 5. The thing is, the Nexus 5 has always been available in white, black , and most recently this February, in red, but apparently the landing page for Android phones and tablets did mention a yellow Nexus 5, which has yet to be officially revealed.

Basically, the description of the Nexus 5 claims that it will arrive in “black, white, red, and yellow.” While there has been no official announcements where a yellow Nexus 5 is concerned, such a mention could be a clue for the eagle eyed out there to figure out that there actually might be such a device in the pipeline. After all, Google is no stranger when it comes to introducing additional colors right some time after the initial launch.

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