academic wordsmithWhen we were students, there were often times when we had to source from academic journals or websites for research for our papers. Sometimes we had to paraphrase, and in some instances even quote directly from the source itself. This is not considering plagiarism if you were to reference the quote properly using academic standards as set out by your school.

However if you’d like to double check to make sure that you have referenced your articles properly or to check to make sure that there is absolutely no form of plagiarism in your work, you might be interested in an app called Academic Wordsmith. What the app does is that it runs on top of the Microsoft Word and will help check your piece of plagiarism.

We know that there are a bunch of other services out there on the web, such as TurnItIn, but what makes Academic Wordsmith so different from the rest is that it checks within Microsoft Word itself, so that it saves the user from having to upload a file or paste it into a separate website to get it checked. For students short on time or rushing an assignment, this could be a boon.

According to Microsoft, the Academic Wordsmith app is developed in Australia and originated from a Microsoft Education DevCamp that the company held in the country earlier this year. The app itself is priced at $19 for an annual subscription so if you’d like to learn more, head on over to its website for the details.

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