airbus patentUnless you have the funds or if you’re lucky enough to have a company pay for business or first-class tickets for you, chances are you will end up sitting in the economy section of the plane. This isn’t a big deal if the flight is empty or if you get an empty seat next to you, but on flights that are full, safe to say that it can be a rather claustrophobic situation.

However it seems that instead of figuring out how to make airplanes even more comfortable, Airbus has recently filed for a patent that seems to suggest that they are trying to figure out how to cram as many people into a plane as possible. As you can see in the patent diagram above, it reveals plans for seats that one might expect in a bus.

The seats are small and shaped like bicycle seats and can be lifted up or pulled down when needed. This helps to create more space in the plane, which in turn could allow for passengers to be allowed onto a flight. While we can’t tell if these seats will be comfortable, they certainly don’t look like it.

Not to mention it would make eating pretty difficult as there does not appear to be any trays, or in-flight entertainment for that matter unless they’re planning to hand out tablets to their passengers. It is possible that these seats could be used solely for domestic flights or flights take last an hour or two, but what do you guys think? Is this a flight you would like to get on?

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