While there are some movies filmed in 3D, like James Cameron’s Avatar, that look good in 3D, there are often times when 3D feels unnecessary and is just another reason for movie theaters to sell you expensive tickets. However if you’re a fan of 3D, you might be interested to learn that Airbus will soon be giving its A330 wide-body jet a makeover in the form of the A330neo, and one of the new features they are planning to introduce 3D movies to its passengers.

Of course this means that passengers will be required to have 3D glasses in order to enjoy it, but hopefully the airline company will have some on board to handout to passengers in the event that they wish to enjoy a 3D movie. However it will be interesting to see how it plays out. After all the screens in airlines are typically very small, so we’re not sure if the effect will be as good compared to a cinema.

Not to mention passengers who like to recline their seats could affect the 3D effect, so for now it does sound more novel than functional. That being said, Airbus will also be giving the A330 more seats, improved aerodynamics that is supposed to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 14% per seat, along with WiFi and mobile connectivity.

Unfortunately the new A330neo will only be taking to the skies come late 2017, so we guess there is still some time to go before we are able to appreciate and enjoy all of its amenities.

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