iPhone-6-partsPrior to the iPhone 5s, Apple only offered up their iPhones in either black or white. However with the iPhone 5s, Apple decided to change the color scheme a bit by renaming black to space grey, white to silver, and they added a gold color option as well. This ultimately brought the color options of the iPhone up from two options to three.

Given that the gold finish of the iPhone 5s proved to be a pretty popular affair, it looks like Apple could be bringing those colors back to the iPhone 6 later this year, or at least that’s what alleged leaked SIM trays belonging to the iPhone 6 seem to suggest. As you can see in the photo above, the SIM trays show a trio of colors that looks similar to the current offerings.

Assuming that the components are the real deal, we guess Apple will be sticking with space grey, silver, and gold options for the iPhone 6 later this year, so if you were hoping for additional color options, we guess you’d be out of luck, or you’ll probably want to check out the iPhone 5c which comes in a range of bright color finishes.

Along with the SIM trays, the photo also shows off the power flex cable and volume flex cable for the iPhone 6. Previously on the iPhone 5s, there was only one cable for both the power and volume, but rumors have suggested that Apple could be relocating the power/sleep button with the iPhone 6, which makes sense that there would now be two different cables.

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