xbox one chinaSeveral months ago, Microsoft made it official – the Xbox One would be arriving in China this September. We had also recently heard that China Telecom would be selling the console exclusively through its retail channels which is an interesting choice, since carriers aren’t really the place one would go to buy a console.

That being said, pricing has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft. However previous listings by retailers have indicated that the price of the console could be pretty high. Last we heard, one retailer had priced it at 4,999 RMB which when converted, translates to around $800. Ouch. Well the good news for our readers in China is that it looks like it might not be so expensive.

This is according to a recent post on Weibo in which the Xbox One’s alleged promo materials for China have been revealed. According to the image above, it looks like the console has been priced at 3,499 RMB which after conversion is around $550. Granted it is still $150 more expensive than what Microsoft has priced it in the US, but it’s still cheaper than what the retailer had originally pegged it at.

It is possible that due to tax in the country that Microsoft would have to price the console higher in order to profit from it. This is common in countries all over the world, although more noticeably in places such as Brazil, where we saw the PlayStation 4 marked up around 400%. In any case Microsoft has yet to confirmed the prices yet, so do it take with a grain of salt for now.

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