amazon-3dprintingWhen it comes to selling stuff, it cannot be disputed that Amazon has done an extremely good job at this particular task, and not only that, they too, have come up with hardware that they can proudly call their own – including a Fire Phone as well as the Fire TV set top. Even then, it seems that all of these are not enough to satiate Amazon’s appetite, and the company has come up with something that might just catch your attention – a new 3D Printing Store which will put for sale a range of unique items.


The unique items that are on sale will include bobbleheads that have been specially manufactured in order to resemble your likeness, small plastic swords that allow you to have a say in the color, complete with its hilt, grip, and pommel, and a range of phone cases, smart or otherwise.

Majority of these items will not be sold directly via Amazon, but it will go through third parties such as Mixee Labs and 3DLT. These two companies mentioned happen to be specialized in churning out and selling printed items. This would clearly place Amazon in familiar territory as they play the role of being a middleman yet again, but let us say that demand ends up being high enough – will Amazon begin to run their own printers?

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