lg-g-watch-15If you want to charge either your Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch, you will have to dock it in its proprietary charger which uses pogo pins, as opposed to Android smartphones which all use micro USB cables, meaning that if you lose the cable, you can always reuse another micro USB cable just fine.

What this means for smartwatch owners is that if you lose your charger, you’ve pretty much landed yourself in a spot of trouble because according to reports, neither Samsung nor LG have any spare charging docks for sale at the moment. There have been multiple threads on Reddit which basically warns users to take care of their cradles, lest you can’t get a replacement.

One Reddit user contacted Google who replied saying, “At this time there aren’t separate chargers available on Google Play for the LG G Watch. If we do have them in the future they will be on our accessories page.” The folks at Android Police have also contacted both Samsung and LG, inquiring into this matter.

LG has yet to reply, but according to a statement issued by Samsung, “Customers can contact Samsung Customer Care for support. Samsung are planning to sell the charging cradles through Samsung.com and Best Buy.” While we doubt customers will be breaking their cradles so soon, shouldn’t this be something that OEMs should have prepared ahead of time?

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