apple-app-store-price-increaseIt has been half a dozen years ever since the App Store was launched, although it did take some convincing to Steve Jobs in order for him to agree to the presence of third-party developers gaining native access to the iPhone. Since its debut, the App Store has continued to grow from strength to strength, ending up as a place where small developers even earn a living from it.

Considering the size as well as the popularity of the App Store today, it is pretty difficult to believe and imagine the early days of the App Store, where it experienced accelerated growth as developers jumped aboard, quickly overtaking other popular platforms at that point in time – including Nokia’s Symbian and Palm OS, among others.

Right now, Google Play remains the closest competitor to the Apple App Store, where it has more titles and more users, but loses out to the App Store when it comes to quality and desirability. The App Store holds over 1.2 million apps and has seen more than 75 billion downloads since its inception. Happy birthday, App Store, and here is to the next 75 billion downloads! Will it expand its reach beyond the current 155 country count? It most certainly looks like it.

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