Earlier this year, Apple unveiled CarPlay which was basically iOS integrated into vehicles’ infotainment system. Now we’ve seen a couple of photos and a handful of descriptions, but if you’re truly wondering as to what CarPlay is all about, the folks at MotoMan have put together a long and detailed video about the feature.

MotoMan was granted access by Hyundai, who is one of Apple’s partners for CarPlay, where they took a look at the Hyundai Sonata vehicle that was announced earlier this year. We expect that different vehicle manufacturers will offer up different experiences, since they did say that their own infotainment systems are expected to exist alongside Apple’s CarPlay, in the event that drivers prefer the default system.

Enabling CarPlay is pretty simple as all it requires is an iPhone and a Lightning cable, and plugging it into your vehicle will automatically shift your phone into CarPlay mode and allowing users to interact with it via the touchscreen in the car. One of the benefits of allowing Hyundai’s own system and CarPlay to exist side-by-side is that if the driver were in a remote location with poor cell reception, they could always turn to Hyundai’s onboard navigation as an alternative.

The video also shows off how Siri can be used while driving. The video itself is pretty long and the features of CarPlay are scattered throughout, so if you have about 11 minutes to spare, check out the video above to see CarPlay in action.

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