macbook_air_2013_3-800x270If you’re using a MacBook Air and you’re wondering why sometimes it takes a long time for the laptop to wake up from sleep, or why its fans suddenly kick into high gear for no reason, you might be pleased to learn that you’re not alone with your problems. In fact there have been several reports about this in the past which has prompted Apple to issue an EFI update.

The EFI firmware update 2.9 will supposedly fix the issues we mentioned above, although we should note that these are issues reportedly plaguing the mid-2011 models, so if your MacBook Air is a newer/older model, then this update might be applicable to you. However for mid-2011 owners, you should probably check this out and hopefully it will resolve the issues we mentioned earlier.

According to the release notes, it basically confirms that the update will fix issues that causes the laptop to take longer than expected to wake up from sleep mode, and it will also address a rare issue that causes the system cooling fans to run at full speed after waking up. In any case the update is pretty small at 4.3MB and can be downloaded manually from Apple’s Support website or via the Software Update feature.

For those experiencing these problems, download the update and run it and let us know if it has helped with your MacBook Air!

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