macbook_air_2013_3-800x270A little over a week ago, Apple issued an EFI update to their mid-2011 MacBook Air models. The update was meant to fix certain issues about the laptop, such as it taking a long time to wake up after going to sleep, and also how the fans of the laptop would suddenly kick into high gear which could end up draining the battery.

However the update itself was flawed and in some cases, caused certain models to experience system crashes, after which the laptop had to be taken back to the Apple store to get it fixed and rolled back to the previous update. Well the good news is that Apple seems to have addressed the issue and has since rolled out a new EFI update.

As expected the new EFI update will still address the problems we mentioned above, but hopefully this time round, the updates will be a lot smoother than the previous update and not cause any problems for its users. According to reports so far, most users have had no problems installing the update.

It has been suggested that the previous problems caused by the earlier update could be due to a bad install file, as opposed to there being a bug in the update itself. In any case if you have been holding back on updating, we guess now’s a good time to go ahead and check it out.

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