applebeeesIt has become a common sight where we go out and instead of talking to each other, you see groups of friends sitting around at the same time engrossed in their mobile phones and tablets. It’s a bit counter-intuitive since the point of hanging out in real-life is so we can talk with each other, and that the reason IMs were invented is to help people interact with friends/family when not with them.

That being said, it seems that restaurant chain Applebee’s wants to make it so that people dining together will interact with each other, thanks to a recent trademark filing for the term “No Tech Tuesday”. The filing for the trademark was discovered by the folks at CNBC, but unfortunately Applebee’s plans for the filing have yet to be revealed.

The company has declined to comment on the filing, or how it will play out with their plans to install tablets at every table all over its restaurant chains around the US. However based on the filing, it does sound like Applebee’s could be looking to foster interaction amongst diners for one night a week.

We’re not sure how they plan on doing that, but we have heard of other places that have tried something similar. We have heard how some places are offering diners a discount on their bill, and how some places “fined” their diners for breaking the rules, with the proceeds being donated to charity, but what do you guys think? How will such initiatives work out?

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