iphone infographWhile Apple’s iPhone is designed in California, as per the labeling on the back of the phone, its components are sourced for all over the world, so much so that according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, it has actually contributed significantly to the economies in Asia, boosting it by as much as 8.6%.

This is based on the calculations of analysts and government officials. Over in Japan, a government official has estimated that the amount of components ordered by Apple could help boost the country’s electronics exports by as much as 5%. Taiwan’s industrial production back in June was up 8.6% which analyst have attributed to Apple.

These numbers seem small on paper, but it should be noted that if the analysts are right, these are huge contributions to the economy from a single company alone, which is mighty impressive! According to Arthur Liao, a tech analyst for Fubon, a Taiwan-based brokerage, “Apple is becoming a more major contributor to Taiwan’s economy.”

As you can see in the infographic above, many of the iPhone’s components are sourced from all parts of the world, like its displays from Japan and South Korea, its processors from South Korea (although some believe Taiwan’s TSMC is contributing as well), and so on. However despite so much business being brought to the table, there are companies such as Sharp and Foxconn who are looking for ways to reduce their reliance on the company.

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