facebook_logoEarlier this morning, we brought you word that Facebook has close to 400 million mobile-only users at the moment, which is a vast increase considering earlier this Q2 2014, the figure stood at a “mere” 341 million – which means there is a rise of more than 50 million mobile-only users on the social network between then and now. Well, we also mentioned that Americans tend to spend an average of 40 minutes each day on Facebook.

How do you think your boss or superior react to this news? Apart from that, as an employer or superior yourself, just how will you see this particular phenomenon – keeping your fingers crossed that the 40 minutes on average will not be part of your employees’ productive time at work? Having said that, 40 minutes is more than a two-fold jump compared to last year’s figures that showed how Facebook users spent an average of just 17.39 minutes each day on the social network.

While a whole lot of it is about relativity these days, 40 minutes each day does not sound too bad after all especially when you compare it to how users are spending approximately nine hours each day being engaged with digital media that range from computers to mobile devices and TV. Now that’s scary!

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