One highly anticipated game for next-generation consoles and the PC is Batman Arkham Knight. Details about the game’s story have slowly been trickling out making it even harder for Batman fans to wait for its release. Rocksteady already confirmed last month that folks who pre-order the title will receive a story-driven mission in which they will be able to play as Harley Quinn. It looks like Batman Arkham Knight may have additional villain-based story content.

Batman News has received a poster which shows that folks who pre-order the title now will also receive a Red Hood story pack, which would allow them to play as this ruthless vigilante. From the looks of it this is a GameStop pre-order exclusive.

Those who know their Batman history would be aware that the identity of Red Hood has changed a couple of times. This character was first seen in the Detective Comics series as the Joker’s original form. Following accidental contact with toxic chemicals the Joker got his well known green-haired appearance so one of the old Robins was reincarnated, Jason Todd, who beat the Joker and stole the Red Hood disguise for himself. Todd goes after the gangs of Arkham City but employs ruthless methods and favors guns.

Even though the image posted above can not be found anywhere on GameStop’s official website, the retailer has promised a big announcement for the game today, and has even shared a blurry image of what looks like the Red Hood character.

Batman Arkham Knight will be launched for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next year.

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