We reported yesterday that it was possible for Batman Arkham Knight to have yet another story-based DLC that revolves around the Red Hood. A Harley Quinn story pack for the title has already been announced. The leaked promotional image hinted that perhaps the DLC might be exclusive to one retailer and that is indeed true. GameStop has since confirmed that it will exclusively offer the Red Hood DLC which would allow users to play as this capped vigilante.

The title itself will be released next year though those who pre-order it through the retailer will receive two additional DLC packs. Players will also be able to play as Harley Quinn and the best part is that this DLC pack is not exclusive to GameStop. Pre-ordering the title from anywhere will give players access to the Quinn DLC.

While GameStop did confirm that those who pre-order the title from it will receive the Red Hood DLC it didn’t say if people would be allowed to purchase it after the title has been released. Not everyone would want to pre-order the title from one retailer but they’d certainly appreciate the chance to play as Red Hood. No confirmation on that as yet though.

Red Hood’s identity has been changed a couple of times since he was first introduced. Essentially he’s a vigilante who fights crime and isn’t afraid of using guns to pun them to rest.

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