bb-passport-whiteThe BlackBerry Passport when first announced managed to raise a few eyebrows. Its odd choice for a 1:1 display was questionable, although it seems that there are many who are slowly starting to warm up to the idea of it. That being said, the majority of apps haven’t been designed for such aspect ratios, but BlackBerry is hoping developers will do something about it.

According to an email that BlackBerry has begun sending to developers, it basically reminds them that they should get their BlackBerry Q10 apps ready for the BlackBerry Passport. “As the release of the BlackBerry Passport approaches, we want to ensure that your apps will be part of the new product launch […] The great news for you is that most apps that offer support for BlackBerry Q10 will also function seamlessly on the new smartphone. For your convenience, we will be automatically expanding your device support to include the BlackBerry Passport for your apps that currently support the BlackBerry Q10.”

We’re not sure if apps will automatically resize and scale to fit into the 1:1 display, or if developers will have to make any changes. However at the same time, we reckon that developers will most likely want to optimize their apps for the unique display which undoubtedly provides a fair amount of screen real estate to the user.

Previously we saw photos of how apps had scaled fine with the BlackBerry Passport. However as we noted, those apps in question are Android apps, so we’re not sure if the same will work out for native BlackBerry apps. Either way hopefully developers manage to get their apps ready in time for the Passport’s launch.

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