starcraft-2Cheating at video games is nothing new, and to a certain extent it is harmless if you’re playing in single player mode, where the only person affected by the cheating would be you. However when it comes to multiplayer, it can be frustrating to see all your efforts and hard work go down the drain in a matter of seconds simply because the other player cheated.

We’re not sure if cheating in StarCraft 2 is on the rise, but either way it has prompted Blizzard to write a post about the perils of cheating, especially if you’re caught. Blizzard routinely bans players from their games when they are caught cheating as it is goes against the developer’s terms of service.

Blizzard has highlighted and reminded players in their latest StarCraft 2 post that they will have no problems banning players if they are caught. Blizzard also revealed that the developer employs a software that will be able to pickup on players who are cheating and who might be using tools like maphacks.

According to Blizzard, “While we can’t go into much detail about these methods, we can say that players caught cheating in this way are generally banned in waves. This is done so as to not tip off program developers regarding our detection methods, as well as to maximize the return on our detection efforts.” So if you were thinking about cheating or botting your way through a Blizzard game, you might want to think again.

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