gardens of terrorOne of the unique aspects of Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, is that unlike other MOBAs such as DotA 2 where it’s pretty much the same map with everyday, Heroes of the Storm will have several different maps to choose from. Each map has a different objective and will allow teams to win in different ways.

For example with Blackheart Bay, heroes will be able to collect gold and when a certain amount of gold has been collected, the pirate ship will then fire at the enemy’s defenses, thus giving your team a slight advantage. Now as it stands, there are four maps to choose from – Blackheart Bay, Dragon Shire, The Haunted Mines, and The Cursed Hollow, but in case you didn’t think that was enough, Blizzard has announced the fifth map – Gardens of Terror.

The map will gain a new objective which is to task players with gathering seeds. According to senior technical designer, Meng Song, “After collecting 100 seeds, any player on the team can right click on the Fertile Soil inside their base to summon the almighty Garden Terror. That player will become the Terror and will be free to use the Garden Terror’s power to their advantage.”

The map will also introduce dynamic lighting where when it becomes night, the map becomes darker and visibility will be reduced. Mercenary camps will also be swapped out for night horrors at night as well, giving players different enemies to fight at different times of the day. Heroes of the Storm is still currently in alpha, although Blizzard has since opened it up to international gamers.

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