blood-guts-gloryHow many times have you watched zombie flicks, or series like The Walking Dead, and shouted a warning to whichever character in the movie who most probably in a post apocalyptic America would have seen enough zombie flicks in the make believe world to know never, ever to travel alone into a home, and not to let your guard down during one of those raids at a seemingly abandoned storehouse, only for said character to adhere to all those zombie flick cliches just to get bitten and turned. Well, if you think that you can do better in such an environment, Blood, Guts, ‘n Glory, or BGnG in short, might be the Kickstarter project you’ve been waiting for.

Basically, Blood, Guts, ‘n Glory happens to be described as a “Real-Life In-Person Combat Shooter & Horror Survival Experience”. There you go – it will take place in real time, featuring real weapons, actual combat situations, and of course, that searing pain you’re feeling in your thigh? That’s real, too. Your team will go up against numerous other threats such as other teams, insurgents, hordes of undead inhabitants, and even the environment itself.

The event will happen depending on which particular mission that you select, and it will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, being specially designed from the “ground up” in order to shock your senses, challenge your mental and physical capabilities, as well as demand every ounce of courage, strength, and skill you can muster to survive.

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