If there is one thing that we humans have over robots, it would be this – emotions. Yes sir, our emotions do give us the extra dimension of being “human”, and it seems that British Airways are experimenting with blankets that have small LEDs woven on them. These blankets will be combined alongside neuro-sensing headbands which are capable of interpreting the wearer’s current feeling. Should the wearer actually feel stressed out and anxious, this smart blanket will turn into a shade of red, although it will remain blue if one is calm and relaxed.


In the British Airways video that you see above, it shows off a trial being held on a flight from London to New York, where a passenger who is apparently enjoying a comedy on the inflight entertainment system is kept warm by a blue-to-purple blanket, while the other passenger right beside has a red blanket as a boxing match is shown.

British Airways has dubbed this the “Happiness Blanket”, but I do wonder whether it will catch on in due time. Too bad it cannot detect jealousy, otherwise the entire economy class might turn into a shade of green whenever someone from the first class cabin drops by with bling draped all over. I do wonder whether the Happiness Blanket might prove to be the undoing of a potential terrorist if he or she feels nervous before carrying out the intended attack.

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