Its a big win for the virtual currency community. One of the biggest PC manufacturers on the planet has just opened up to Bitcoin. Dell will now start accepting Bitcoin as payment for all sales made online in the U.S. The company has partnered with Coinbase to make this happen. Not only is it Coinbase’s biggest client as yet, it has also become the largest e-commerce merchant to accept the popular virtual currency we all know as Bitcoin.

The Alienware line of products can also be purchased using Bitcoin and in order to give customers an incentive to use virtual currency, Dell will soon kick off a special Alienware promotion in which it will give customers 10 percent off a new Alienware system purchase provided that they use Bitcoin to pay.

Coinbase says that it has partnered closely with Dell to implement Bitcoin payments on in just two weeks. Additional Bitcoin features are also promised which the company says will be implemented in a few weeks.

Even though many have eyed virtual currencies with uncertainty Bitcoin has established itself as one of the most popular virtual currency. Many online retailers have already opened up to it, apart from the fact that countless online services now allow people to pay via Bitcoin.

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