destinyAbout a week ago, the beta for Destiny was launched on the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. This is hardly surprising as PlayStation gamers have been given certain exclusives for Destiny and early beta access was one of them. That being said, the good news for Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers is that your turn has finally come.

Bungie has officially announced that the Destiny beta for the Xbox platform is now live, so for gamers who pre-ordered the game, you guys will be able to get in on the beta action. According to Bungie, “We know you’ve been waiting, so we busted our asses to finish our chores up early. You can download and play the Beta right now. This is a great moment for the entire Bungie Community to share in this adventure, and we couldn’t be more excited. Get in there. Break it. Tell us what you think. Share your experiences online.”

Now the bad news is that if you were hoping to see the game run in Full HD 1080p resolution for the Xbox One, you might be disappointed. Bungie has confirmed that the beta will not run in 1080p, but it seems that the final release of the game could, thanks to Microsoft freeing up the console’s resources after unbundling the Kinect from the console.

For those who have yet to pre-order the game, fret not because like we mentioned with our report from yesterday, Microsoft will be holding a special event at their San Diego store today where gamers can try out the demo at the store, so if you’re in the area you can check it out if you’re still on the fence about the game.

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