diablo3-ps3We know that there are many gamers out there who are concerned about framerate and resolution when playing their games. However those are just the visual aspects of the game and some might argue that having a strong gameplay would be more important than good graphics. After all look at games from back in the day, they didn’t have good graphics but have since become classics.

That being said, you might recall that back in June it was revealed that Diablo 3 for the Xbox One would have a 900p resolution. This is versus the PlayStation 4 in which the game would sport a 1080p resolution. The difference might not be noticeable to some, but on paper it certainly sounds like the PlayStation 4’s version is “superior”.

Now the good news is that according to Blizzard, they believe that Diablo 3 for the Xbox One could hit the 1080p mark one day. Speaking to AusGamers, Blizzard’s senior producer, Julia Humphreys revealed that thanks to the Xbox One’s June SDK which helps boost the console’s GPU power, it would be possible for Blizzard to improve on the game’s resolution in the future.

According to Humphreys,  “We’d just need to look at what that would require, and we’ve actually [talked to] Microsoft about that.” If and when that happens, the resolution of the game could be changed in a patch, but it is unclear as to when that will take place, so we suggest you not get your hopes up just yet. Until then we guess it’s some consolation to think that 1080p might not be entirely out of the question.

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