automatic-brightnessSo, you are thinking about getting yourself one of those fancy new smartwatches? If that is the case, then some modern day smartwatches do come with a fair number of sensors within, which makes perfect sense – after all, it would be some of those sensors out there that would make these digital timepieces “smart” in the first place. Having said that, Display Brightness for Wear happens to be an Android Wear app that was specially developed in order to offer smartwatches with the ability to gain auto brightness adjustment capabilities – especially when said device does not even come with its very own light sensor in the first place.

This particular app would be more than welcome where the Samsung Galaxy Gear and LG G Watch are concerned, since the two digital timepieces do not feature an integrated light sensor, and more often than not require the user to manually set the brightness level according to the existing conditions.

How then, does the Display Brightness for Wear app work? For starters, it will be able to react accordingly thanks to a bunch of data that is provided by the smartwatch itself, and other details include the time of the day, an estimated location, and of course, the existing activity as detected by the Google Play Services activity detection API.

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