team dkAs you might have heard, the prize money for DotA 2’s The International competition is currently in the millions. This means that there is a lot of money on the line, along with pride and glory, so the last thing that anybody wants is to have their team strategy leaked to the entire world, which would include their opponents.

Unfortunately that’s what happened a couple of days ago when DotA 2 team, Team DK, had their drafting strategy revealed for everyone to see. This was extremely critical as it was their strategy for the entire competition, not just that particular match.

So how did this happen? Well apparently a crew from Chinese eSports company, Gamefy, had somehow managed to sneak into the private room of Team DK and filmed them discussing their strategy, which they later broadcasted. We guess Team DK felt comfortable because the area was off-limits to everyone except players, so we’re not sure Gamefy got in in the first place.

Naturally the players and fans were livid as this had the potential to ruin their win potential, since their opponents will now know how to counter their strategy. Some have called on Valve to dish out harsh punishment to Gamefy, but so far nothing seems to have been done. Gamefy has since apologized for their actions in a statement (translated by Redditor Bikinii) which you can read below:

Dear DK players and beloved dota 2 fans,

Gamefy’s film personnel entered and began filming the player’s rooms without the permission of Valve and Team DK, and accidentally uploading the sensitive information. We sincerely apologize for our actions.

We acknowledge the problems and frustration that were caused to team DK by the video, and we are fully aware of the hurt that was caused to dota 2 fans. According to Valve Corperation’s rules and regulations, the personnel responsible cannot continue to participate in TI4 news reporting; We will also strictly adhere to the rules of the organizing committee. Without further permission from valve, we will not enter player’s rooms to conduct any kind film work.

Lastly, we would hope for forgiveness and understanding from all of team DK, all dota 2 fans and lovers, and other TI 4 players; and let us put our passion and enthusiasm into the reporting of the next phase of the tournament.

We hereby apologize.

What do you guys think? Should Gamefy face strict punishment for their transgression? Do you also think that Team DK has a chance at winning the number one spot even after having their strategy leaked for the whole world to see?

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