dota 2 updateHeads up DotA 2 players, it looks like Valve has recently pushed out an update for the game. Some of the features might be of interest to DotA 2 players, although we should note that some of these updates are only applicable to those who might have purchased Compendiums from Valve (Compendiums help to contribute to The International’s prize pool), so if you have not purchased one, some of the updates might not be available to you.

Starting with the global updates, Valve has introduced a Live Rewind feature. This allows gamers to pause replays and rewind the content to get to the parts that they want to watch again. This is pretty much the only update available to non-Compendium players, which is a bit unfortunate but we guess it’s better than nothing.

Now as for gamers who did purchase a Compendium, you guys can look forward to new couriers. At level 24, you will unlock a Row Boat version of the Squakins Style parrot courier, and at level 41, you will unlock the Sail Boat, red-feathered equivalent. There will also be Pudgling which is a mini-Pudge courier that can be upgraded to become an “extra smelly alternate style” equipped with a golden hook.

Gamers can also look forward to weather effects in the game, and can choose between Snow, Moonlight, and Rain. Last but not least, there will be 25 DotA 2 themed emoticons that gamers will be able to use in-game or in the chat room.

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