With the PS4 exclusive destined to be released later this year the studio behind it is now showing off some of the advancements in this game that set it apart from similar titles.  Evolution Studios has posted a couple of videos online touting Driveclub’s dynamic weather system. The idea is to provide players with a near-authentic weather experience during gameplay and the videos posted online do come pretty close to that aim.

Evolution Studios first showed off the dynamic weather system at the E3 2014 conference in Los Angeles, attendees were able to see live demos there. The videos will appeal to those who weren’t there at E3 and since they’re direct feed gameplay clips they can expect a similar experience when the game finally launches later this year.

Sony confirms on the official PlayStation Blog that this fully customizable weather system will be available for Driveclub as a free update for all players shortly after the title’s launch. Players can customize rain, snow, wind and other aspects of the weather which have a direct affect on races.

Driveclub’s Art Director Alex Perkins explains that during a race players can expect the weather to change dramatically and unpredictably as it has been designed to function like a real weather system. “Deafening thunder storms with flashes of fork lightning” will also be witnessed by players.

Perkins says that “dynamic and exciting” settings for customizable weather will be shown more close to launch. Driveclub for PS4 is going to be released on October 7th, 2014.

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