bf4-dlc-leakElectronic Arts (EA) might have just realized that social media has its fair share of risks involved as well, especially when one is not too well versed in its inner machinations and workings. Case in point – a tweet by EA did seem to reveal to the world the next release date for the upcoming Dragon’s Teeth DLC for Battlefield 4. The exact date for the Dragon’s Teeth DLC has been kept under wraps all this while, but it does look as though EA’s Origin Twitter account got a wee bit carried away concerning a Battlefield 4 Premium discount, where the publish button was hit before much thought went into the process


Of course, this particular tweet remained online only for a while, before someone must have realized the potential pitfalls of such a tweet and subsequently deleted that tweet. In order to cover up their tracks, they reposted it without throwing in any other additional details. Well, the power of Print Screen continues to manifest itself, as the removed tweet has been captured for posterity for all and sundry to take a peek at, which means the entire world has a Premium launch to look forward to later this coming July 15th.

Apparently, Premium account holders will be on the receiving end of this BF4 DLC a fortnight prior to anyone else. Whoever said that membership does not have its privileges?

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