ecodrainWith many people having a heart for the environment these days, it goes without saying that going green is definitely a prerequisite to be “acceptable” in the eyes of the public. Heating bills could cause a huge dent in your bank account whenever the mercury falls, but it is a necessary evil at times. With the EcoDrain, perhaps you might be able to save a wee bit in the long run? The EcoDrain boasts of a unique design that will enable outgoing hot water to use its heat to actually warm up cold water that is on its way in, now how about that?

While this is not the first drain heat exchangers in the market, the EcoDrain is different from all that you have seen in the market so far. Most of the other systems outside do need to be placed along a relatively long stretch of vertically-oriented drain pipe, and it is a no-brainer to assume that not all houses were designed in such a manner, limiting the use of these heat exchangers if you’re already on a tight budget. The EcoDrain, however, has the added advantage of being able to be installed horizontally, letting it go under the bathroom floor right next to the drain, hence catching the waste water when it is at its hottest. Talk about efficiency at work here! The EcoDrain will retail at $439.95 a pop, and touts to deliver a return on investment that range from 17% to 43% each year.

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