livaThere are times when you would like to have a small and working computer in your home or living room – something functional and yet does not break the bank, while sporting an adequate amount of processing muscle to get the job done. Well, the $150 ECS LIVA might just fit the bill perfectly, as this small, fanless desktop PC will be powered by an Intel Celeron Bay Trail processor, accompanied by 2GB RAM, and has a tiny case that one can hold in just one hand.

ECS would be selling the LIVA as a kit, which means you ought to have some technical know how ready in hand so that you will be able to put one of these puppies together yourself. It will not be too difficult actually, as the memory, storage and CPU happens to remain attached to the motherboard, so all that you really need to bring together in one piece would be the case itself. Having said that, the ECS LIVA is definitely not a machine that is easy to upgrade where its components are concerned, so do think it over carefully before making a decision, and just in case you would like to wait and see, there is a new model in the works later this August that would sport double the amount of storage at 64GB.

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