macbook-air-best-buy-saleYesterday we reported that Apple had issued an EFI update for the mid-2011 MacBook Air models. The update was expected to solve some issues that users were experiencing with the laptop, such as the long delay between waking up and sleeping, along with the rare instances where the fans of the laptop would suddenly kick into high gear.

That being said, it seems that the update had issues of its own. According to reports from Apple’s Support forums, it seems that the update has caused the MacBook Air models it was supposed to fix to crash instead. This is apparently due to a bug with the update that not only prevents it from being installed at times, but causes system crashes too.

There was an instance where a user had their MacBook Air “bricked” and they had to take it back to the Apple Store to get it fixed. The issue has since been reported to Apple, but oddly enough it looks like Apple has yet to remove the update from their website, suggesting that they have yet to get around to looking into it.

The support thread has grown in the number of views and replies, but as it stands it is unclear as to exactly how many MacBook Air owners have been affected. If you own a mid-2011 MacBook Air and have yet to install the update, we suggest that you hold off on it first, at least until Apple can issue a statement about the problems it seems to be causing.

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