iphone-6-front-panel-1A few days ago we saw a couple of videos which allegedly shows off the iPhone 6’s sapphire display. The video also put the display through a battery of tests and showed off the sapphire’s durability and resistance to being scratched. Now there have been some reports which claim that Apple will not use sapphire for its displays, but there are reports that suggest the opposite.

However according to a professor at the Department of Materials at the Imperial College in London, Neil Alford, he claims that the sapphire seen in the video is legitimate. Speaking to The Guardian, Alford has asserted his belief that what we saw in the video could be the real deal, and that Apple could have overcome some of the problems of sapphire and have also made it both thin and durable.

According to Alford, “I think they will be doing some sort of a lamination – binding different crystal cuts of sapphire together – boosting the toughness of the material, while they may also have induced some sort of a strain in the surface of the glass – either compression or tension – which means that it has extra strength.”

Now earlier we reported that OEMs weren’t particularly enthused about the idea of sapphire. Apart from costs, one representative said that sapphire was brittle, meaning that it would snap if bent or dropped, but presumably Apple’s methods could have solved that issue. Alford goes on to claim that Apple had contacted him back in January of 2013 to discuss sapphire screens, suggesting that the rumors could have been right all along.

Either way take it with a grain of salt for now, but we guess we will have to wait until Apple officially unveils the iPhone 6 to see if the rumors of a sapphire display are true. In the meantime what do you guys think?

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