fb-giftsFacebook, one of the world’s most popular social networks, as well as the company that made founder Mark Zuckerberg extremely rich in the process, has certainly expanded its reach beyond that of being a normal “connecting you to friends” thing. In fact, Facebook has experimented with different implementations and services in the past, where Facebook Gifts was introduced a few years back, allowing you to give real gifts to your virtual friends. However, it does not look as though Facebook Gifts has the pace to last the distance, which is why Facebook will finally kill off this service when the 12th of August comes around.

The shutting down of Facebook Gifts is not a temporary one – it will close down for good. Originally, Facebook Gifts came about after the social network picked up the social gifting app known as Karma, where it sells teddy bears, socks and chocolate drops that will be shipped straight to your friends on Facebook.

In due time, however, Facebook noticed a pattern – gift cards were the best selling items, and it would be best to concentrate from that particular point of strength instead of dabbling with smaller items. This led to the discontinuation of physical gifts altogether, and while the “Buy” button will remain, you can forget about playing Santa over Facebook for now.

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